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James Farrow
06-25-2007, 11:02 AM
Can anyone point/provide me to/with any plans for a bookstand like this:


Dimensions (in inches):
Width: 14.5
Height: 9.5
Lip to top: 9
Lip depth: 1

I know it looks simple but I am not verey good at woodworking and I need to make it larger. Maybe 24" wide by 18" deep by 18" high.

O.K. I'll explain. I need an tabletop easel but they don't come sturdy enough for my 24" x 48" x 1/2" plywood sheets that I paint on. I searched for easel plans but am only coming up with fancy large studio type with all kinds of moving parts, hardware, legs, drawers, etc... Besides not being what I want they are way to difficult for me to make anyway. So I am thinking a book stand like the one above, only larger, and sturdier will work.


James :)

Jim Farrow
06-26-2007, 9:27 AM
Never mind.

My friend is going to help me build one. About 24" wide by 18" deep and 18" high. Will use 1" wood. Probably 4 extra large hinges (with 1/2" screws) as that's where the most stress will be. The most labour intensive part is the slotted boards (will probably put 2 (one on each side) instead of the one in the center). Will cut all four at the same time. Also a moulding lip. Etc...

When it's done it may not look pretty, but it will work.

James :)