View Full Version : Wine Bottle Engraving $$

Debbie Sweet
06-19-2007, 1:13 AM
A wine shop wants me to engrave thier wine bottles for their customers' special occasions and their sampling glasses (just their logo on these). Is anybody doing this for other shops?? What is a fair price to them so it's reasonable for them to turn around and sell it to their customer without shocking them and loosing the sale? THANK YOU FOR ANY INPUT:)

Shane Turner
06-19-2007, 4:53 AM
I charge $30 for a set of 2 glasses and one bottle. That's with text only. With graphics and logo's I charge the same if I already have it in the system from a previous job. Otherwise I charge a graphic design and setup fee on top. I make it clear that this is a one off fee for new logos and designs only.
You should of course adjust this to your own rate. I base my end price on the whole process taking about half an hour.