View Full Version : Engraving glass jar candles:

James Aldrich
06-14-2007, 12:43 PM
Hi all,
Has any one laser or sand etched on the jar of a candle? I was wondering if the jar would break while the candle is burning, do to the heat. I know some of the jars are thick glass, while others are thin votives. I know a person that makes candles, and would like to have some etched for a special they are running. Any information would be helpful.
Thank You

Mike Null
06-14-2007, 1:28 PM
The heat from the candle won't cause them to break. You can cause them to break in the laser by overpowering or going too slow.

James Aldrich
06-14-2007, 1:34 PM
Thanks Mike

Todd Schwartz
06-14-2007, 7:09 PM

You should be alright. I have laser engraved glass coffee mugs without any incidents and also glass salsa jars that are filled with hot salsa and then dunked and left in boiling water to seal. Was a bit nervous on this one, but all worked out great.