View Full Version : Wood Journal, notepad, etc

Craig Hogarth
06-07-2007, 7:59 PM
Cut a couple sheets of ply, put some holes and picture on it and brought it down to officemax. Cost me $7 but they put a spiral binder on it and 50 pages of assorted colors. You can buy a good comb binder for under $200, but the spiral looks better

I wasn't sure how the cover would work out and there's some minor tweaks I have to do. The spiral draws the covers away from the pages so the inside pages stick outside of the covers. It also offsets the back cover from the front since the holes aren't aligned when binded.

This one is for my son to draw in.




Kim Vellore
06-07-2007, 8:03 PM
That is a nice unique idea. Thanks for sharing Kim