View Full Version : I love my Corel Draw V-11 , but ....

Al Mutairi
05-31-2007, 8:35 PM
I love my Corel Draw V-11 , but it seems everyone has upgraded except me !! Everyone is attaching newer version CD files that I can't open on the CD version I have & I was wondering if there is a free ware or some website that can convert newer version CD files to older versions of CD or maybe be to WMF , ADI ....



Joe Pelonio
06-01-2007, 8:06 AM
As far as I know the only free way is to ask someone with the later version to convert it for you. The upgrade is well worth it. I got X-3 for $98 on E-Bay, new full version in box, manual on CD, and found it to be an easy conversion
and well worth it.

Ed Newbold
06-01-2007, 8:33 AM
I agree with Joe. The upgrade to X3 was, by far, the best upgrade experience of my life. X3 has many valuable and improved features I use on a daily basis now!

Jason Lippert
06-01-2007, 2:15 PM
As a recent convert to X3 myself I found the trace tools to be worth it alone:D. My only real complaint is the App launches much slower than 11 did. (at least on my machine)