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Roger Brewerton
05-26-2007, 12:33 AM
Hi all,
I have been thinking of getting an Epilog Laser, they seem fascinating.The problem is I have never even seen a Laser in action and am not familiar with Corel. I live in New Zealand and will be in the States, Austin, Texas in July and wondered if there was anybody living near there who has a Laser and would be prepared to show me one in action and possabley give me some advice. Also can anyone reccomend a good training/cd source for Corel. Any help, advice will be appreciated and taken in good faith.

Thanking you all in anticipation,

Nigel Morgan
05-26-2007, 1:50 AM
Hi Roger,

Am down the road in Christchurch, your are welcome to pop in and see it in action.



Shane Turner
05-26-2007, 4:56 AM
Hi Roger

I have a 45w Epilog. I'm in Auckland, NZ, so if you're in that area, you're welcome to come have a look at the machine in action. Also there's a local distributer for Epilog and one for Universal here too.

As for Corel tutorials. I've used one on X3 from lynda.com. It's a video tutorial / demonstration. Very useful and it'll get you up to speed in no time.

Frank Corker
05-26-2007, 6:04 AM
Roger go to Youtube.com and enter laser engraving or laser cutting as a topic and you can watch them straight of the internet

Roger Brewerton
05-28-2007, 1:42 AM
Hi all,

my thanks to Nigel, Shane and Frank for your kind offers and suggestions. Shane you can find my e-mail address on here, and if you would not mind giving me your contact details I will contact you. I will be in Auckland on the 22nd of June, but unforunately will not have time to see you. Thanks all for looking.


Shane Turner
05-28-2007, 10:39 PM
Roger, I've sent you a PM as your email contact details are set to private at this time.