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Mark Winlund
05-23-2007, 7:14 PM
Hi... I thought I would show the group a modification I made for my rotary attachment. The holders that come with it leave a lot to be desired. I found a couple of Maximat type chucks on ebay, and machined an adapter for them. The jaws are reversible, which allows a fairly wide variety of objects to be held concentrically, from a toothpick to a soda pop can. They can also hold simple jigs such as hollow centers and pointed centers. The chucks are 2" in diameter.

Oh, and my machine is a ULS machine.


Jerry Allen
05-24-2007, 8:37 AM
Nice! I like it. I hate the wheels on my rotary. Very hard to get centered. Do you do any glass, and if so, do you use something to protect the glass?

Mark Winlund
05-24-2007, 10:32 AM
No glass, but if I did, I would try sticky back rubber on the jaws.


David Fairfield
05-05-2009, 1:51 PM
Bumping this to the top. Hello Epilog, we need an attachment for a lathe chuck! Pretty please :)


George D Gabert
05-05-2009, 2:09 PM
Since the chuck shown is circular, could you just scab a piece of round to the end and then place that assembly on your wheel type assembly.

Someone did something similar for a pen holder in recent months, just smaller


Mike Null
05-05-2009, 2:09 PM
Here's one that might work with a little modification. It's strong enough that I can do drag engraving without support at one end.

Bob McGinn
05-05-2009, 4:46 PM
Epilog already has a 3-jaw chuck but only for the FiberMark series.....

Scott Shepherd
05-05-2009, 8:33 PM
Epilog's rotary with chuck :


Mike Christen
05-05-2009, 8:49 PM
Anyone happen to know the pinouts for a epilog rotary or any other specs. I have numerous stepper motors and would love to just make my own