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Craig Hogarth
05-19-2007, 1:06 AM
I've been working with hollowback plaques and the 8x10s came out pretty good. However, with the 4x6, I can't get text to come out since it's much thinner.

What I was doing before was aranging the text in the middle of the cutout line. Then smart fill the cutout creating a hairline to vector out..

Now with the smaller frame, I want to raster the letters, but on the cutout, leave a little bit of area around each letter. I can show this by doing a duplicate underneath with a 16pt outline. The problem is that the smartfill doesn't recognize the fat outline and goes to the original hairline. I'm probably just doing the whole thing wrong :confused:

Hopefully this make sense when you see what I'm doing. Basically, I just want the text rastered, picture vectored and the inside red frame cut out leaving the green behind.

Frank Corker
05-19-2007, 4:20 AM
Got to admit, I'm sure you know what it is that you want, I'm struggling to understand it properly. Now I'll probably have this all wrong but it won't be far off your solution.

I took all the green bits that you had, copied them onto page two, whilst selected I converted them to bmp, then did a border from that. I 'TRIM/WELD' the smaller red with rounded edges which leaves you with the shape that you want. I'm sure you will understand what I mean, but using this process is a very quick way of getting around most of those type of problems.

All that said and done, I've probably got it all wrong, I bet there isn't even an Easter Bunny in real life.....sigh

Joseph B. Chritz
05-19-2007, 12:31 PM
Here's one way.
Open both Corel Draw and Photo Paint
In Corel Draw select the graphic by putting a window around it with the picker tool
Hold control and press c (edit copy)
Hold ALT and press TAB to switch to Photo Paint
In Photo Paint File New From Clipboard
Set color mode to Black and White
Flood fill the border with black
Flood or paint anything you donít want to cut out.
There is a point under the V that should probably be erased.
When you get it the way you want it hold Control and press C (edit copy)
Hold Alt and press Tab (switch back to Corel Draw)
Hold Control and press V (paste)
Right click on the new graphic and select Trace Bitmap Quick Trace
Turn on an outline color and turn off the fill color and your almost done.
Drag the new group of lines off to the side so you can work on it.
Break it apart so you can delete the outside box and anything else you want. Group it and drag it to where it belongs.
Don't forget to delete the original inside box or that will also cut.

Let me know if I skipped a step or if you would like a better explanation.

Mike Null
05-19-2007, 1:20 PM
I'm not sure I understand what you want to do but I Suspect that the contour tool would solve your problem in just a few clicks.

Using the contour tool you can make a cutline outside the outlines. I would take the drawing and put each segment on its own page to contour each part separately then bring them back together.

Craig Hogarth
05-19-2007, 4:18 PM
Thanks guys. I'm still getting familiar with corel and you've definately given me some idea of what to play with this week.

Apparently, all three different processes accomplish what I was looking for.