View Full Version : Future CD-ROM Archives

Rik Rickerson
03-01-2003, 1:11 AM

It was only after Wayne announced the closing of Badger Pond that a CD was offered containing the archived messages.

I greatly appreciate the fact that I'm able to purchase WoodCentral's CD-ROM archives.

Will this be available in the future for this site? I consider those CD's to be some of the most valuable tools in my shop.

Aaron Koehl
03-01-2003, 1:43 AM

Once we get enough posts, archival copies will be
made (e.g. Vol I, Vol II, etc). The posts will be categorized
en masse into general woodworking topics, and integrated
into a piece of software I have in the works that will be
distributed with the CD--complete with an integrated search.
It is my hope that these discussions will eventually become an
invaluable resource.

At this time, however, we've got plenty of resources!
Bring on the posts!!! :D


Rik Rickerson
03-02-2003, 12:18 AM
Very cool Aaron. You guys have thought of everything! This really is a great site.