View Full Version : A question for the guys that work with vinyl

Bill Cunningham
05-12-2007, 10:19 PM
It's spring, and I'm getting the boat ready for the water.. After untarping etc.. I started putting the camper top on, and found that three pieces clear vinyl used for windows in the camper top have developed splits. I have picked up some 20 mil clear vinyl (walmart), cut some patches to fit over the cracks (slightly larger) and glued them on with a thin smear of clear silicone, working out the bubbles, and pressing it on tight by covering it with a hard plastic, and a weight..The patch is on the outside, and I may have to put a similar one on the inside for strength. Is there an a better adhesive, that works faster for this job? The silicone takes several hours to cure.. These are small areas, and I'm not concerned with 'seeing' through the patches, just plugging the holes for now.. I don't want to have all new clear vinyl installed 'this year' (too damn expensive, theres a lot of it) just want it to last 'this year'

Frank Corker
05-13-2007, 5:28 AM
Bill I'm sorry I can't offer the advice that you are after, I just wanted to say nice boat, love the upside down "Don't Panic" it's a nice touch

Bill Cunningham
05-13-2007, 10:10 PM
I think I found my own answer.. At 6:35 this morning, my eyes popped open, and it suddenly came to me.. Vinyl cement.. ha.. The same stuff they use to fix pool liners.. I had some, and it worked like a charm.. Fixed all 3 bad areas, and it was pretty well instant.. Sometimes ya just have to sleep on it..ha..If anyone else has the same problem, Marinas don't seem to have any repair supplies for this, but good old walmart to the rescue..

And Yup Frank, The name gets a lot of attention..ha..Last summer, I had one fellow stop his boat on the other side of the canal, just to walk across the lock, and take a picture for his boat name collection.. Theres a long story behind the name, but we won't get into that its rather embarrassing..ha.

Joe Pelonio
05-14-2007, 8:17 AM
I'm glad you found a solution, I was away for the weekend or would have told you that I have here 3mil clear vinyl with adhesive back that would have worked nicely, available at any sign supply.

Bill Cunningham
05-15-2007, 8:08 PM
I had considered something like that, my neighbor the sign maker, has a cold laminator for the wide format printer, I was going to get a piece from her (plastic:D), but i came across the 20mil clear at walmart, and it's about the same thickness as the original stuff the windows are made from..
If there is a 20mil clear vinyl with a adhesive backing, theres a market in the boating industry.. I asked for something like that from all the boat suppliers I deal with, and they all said boy, I wish there was?