View Full Version : Private Messaging

Ray Thompson
02-28-2003, 11:26 PM
I receive a pop-up that I had a private message but all I get is "cannot make connection with sawmill creek" or words to that effect. Anybody got any ideas.


Ruby in NC
03-01-2003, 6:18 AM
Ray, try to check again for your message. Click on the user cp link, then try your message. You may have encountered a temporary problem with SMC servers, your ISP, or something in between.

If you still can't access your message, please give more details about what you're seeing. Exact contents of the error message, and any other info that may help the folks here figure out what's happened.

Hope this helps, a bit.


Ray Thompson
03-01-2003, 8:24 AM
Got it, fainally. Everything was messed up for about half an hour, probably my ISP. Thanks, Ray