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Mike Goodwin
02-28-2003, 10:27 PM
I ran across a Stanley No. 7 and a Stanley No. 5. Both seem old and well used. I set them each on the bed of a jointer and the 5 was not close to flat, the 7 was, well closer. The seller is asking $100 for the 7 and $60 for the 5. Could these planes be worth that much?

I don't own many hand tools, but I'd like to start somewhere.



Jim DeLaney
02-28-2003, 10:50 PM
Way too much!

The #5 is very common, and can even be bought on Ebay for around $35 or 40. Usually even less at swap meets,flea markets, etc.

The #7 is only a little less common, and should go in the $50-60 range in the condition you mention, unless it's a Type 1, etc.

I'd offer no more than a hundred bucks for both of them.

Todd Hughes will probably tell you he buys them all the time at two for $5, but he's the exception, not the rule...

Charles McKinley
03-01-2003, 12:46 AM
Hi Mike,

I just purchased a 7 on ebay $51.80 with shipping and insurance. It looks in good condition. I won't know for sure until I have it and get it ladpped and sharpened. If you want to spend that much ($100 + a little) look at some of Steve Knights planes. He sells some on ebay and has a website. He posted on the pond and seems very nice. That will get you a great ready to use tool that will not require a day or more of work to be able to use it. Plus his planes are verry verrrry pretty.

No affiliation just tool lust!

Good louch in your search

PS if you have any ebay questions email me. I have been around auctions all my life and like intro ducing people to the addiction.

Mike Goodwin
03-01-2003, 9:48 AM
Thanks Jim and Chuck. I'll pass on those two old planes and keep an eye out for a better deal. I will definitely check into Steve Knight's planes and maybe pick one up. I have ssen them and they are great looking. I would still like to pick up some of the old tools but there is no reason to spend too much. Maybe ebay...

Thanks for the advice,


Ernie Miller Topeka
03-05-2003, 11:10 AM
THem prices are very high in my openion. I never pay more than $10 for a #5 and maybe $40 for a #7 I usualy find 3-4 #7 a year at garage sales and #5's are a weekly ocurance only the nicest ones are picked up.

Mike Goodwin
03-05-2003, 11:14 AM
Maybe I should come out to Topeka and make a business out of buying planes at yard sales and selling them in Denver!

It's nice to see you post here, I got used to reading your posts on the Pond.


Greg Wease
03-08-2003, 1:05 AM
Mike, if yard sales in your area are like those in San Diego, you probably don't see many bargains like Ernie described. We do have some old tool swap meets in the area a few times a year and you can often pick up a good user #3, 4 or 5 for $10-20 that just needs a good cleaning. I just finished refurbishing a rusty, paint splattered Sweetheart #4 (1921-22) that I bought for $10 in January. A good soak in kerosene to free things up, some mild paint remover for the spatter and a little work with abrasives and it looks and works great. You might check into tool swap meets in your area sponsored by local clubs or retailers.