View Full Version : Grill Caddy help

Karl Stewart
04-19-2007, 9:02 PM
I'm sorry I haven't mastered sketchup yet, but would like any suggestions for a weekend project. It's a storage cabinet for the grill, on the deck, up at camp. The top [roof] is not attached and flips open to rest on the doors to act as a staging area. A few features...

-removable tubs with food, buns, or hot soapy water sit in the top of the cabinet
-the up side down 'roof' can be set up as ready to eat with plates, cups, utensils and cutting board for sizzling sirloin
-easy set; easy break down

My concerns are two:

I plan to make two frames, on each side connected with stretchers between, all with mortise and tenon. Are stretchers best?

What's the best way to avoid too much stress on the hinges when the 'roof' is placed on the open doors?



PS Camp is log sided, so I stopped in Lincoln Logs [the original is nearby] and picked up some siding for this project.