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Chris Jenkins
04-03-2007, 6:11 PM
This weekend I was checking the air compressor (I have been slowly assembling rigid line) and I noticed that from Tuesday to Saturday I went from 135 to just under 90 and I thought that was a big drop in 4 days. I turned the compressor on so it could gain full pressure. It was then that I noticed the flex line I had contructed between the tank and the rigid line was leaking.

As of now I am air comes out the compressor to a ball valve followed by a 3/8" hose barb. I bought 5/8" OD / 3/8" ID High Pressure hose (for sprayers) that I found on clearance. I'm using about 3 ft (max) of this running to another hose barb which is connected to the inlet on the regulator. The hose is fastened to the hose barbs with standard hose clamps.

I guess my problem is that the high pressure of the air is leaking through the hose clamp. Is their any better way to fasten these lines down to the barb?

Loren Hedahl
04-03-2007, 6:52 PM
Rather than guess where your leak is (however you are probably right) you should swab it with a soap solution. If the leak is where you think it is, I would expect you are using worm gear clamps. These are almost never completely round enough at the location of the worm.

You could try double clamping and using a sealer, but air is tough to seal. If I had this problem, I would check with an outfit that makes up hydraulic hose ends. Another place to check would be a welding supply company.

Good luck

Ben Grunow
04-03-2007, 10:29 PM
Any way to change to a smaller diameter hose or larger barbs and just soap em up and push em on? Double clamps is all I can think of otherwise.

Matt Meiser
04-03-2007, 10:37 PM
I agree on checking for leaks using soapy water. However, if it is the hose, you might want to consider using a hydraulic hose. I bought one fairly inexpensively at Tractor Supply that works great for connecting my compressor to the wall plumbing. I don't expect it to fail anytime in the near future either since they are made to take MUCH higher pressure and abraision.

Chris Jenkins
04-04-2007, 12:10 AM
I know for a fact that the hose is leaking at the barbs cause I can move it and hear a change in pitch.

I was thinking larger barbs and pushing the hose on harder. Since it is the high pressure sprayer hose it has the thicker rubber walls that may flex a bit more without tearing.