View Full Version : Signage Videos (Great For New Learners)

Al Mutairi
03-31-2007, 3:16 PM
Found this great Austrailian website I thought I share with you all, especially those intersted in sign making ,


My personal favourite is the Poly Welding Video , what a great sign !

Another website site I know of is :

http://www.uksignboards.com/ ( lots of professional videos)

However, there is a problem with this website , it is easy to register get a user name & password but that's about it !! you will not be able to login until the account is activated. It seems that the webmaster is very selective !! I never did get a confirmation , I tried twice with no luck :mad:

Any of you guys know of simmilar websites , less complex than the UK one :D .


Rodne Gold
03-31-2007, 5:45 PM
UK signboards wont allow access to the videos and demos unless you are a paid up member.