View Full Version : Map Display Table Plans - Looking for Advice and Comments

Quesne Ouaques
03-24-2007, 12:07 PM

I have created a basic SketchUp model of a map display table I am planning to build. The scale of the model is accurate based on what I need.

I was hoping to build most of it (except for the shelves) from solid wood, but -- among other things -- I was wondering if I had to build the sides with panels to battle wood-movement.

I would be interested in having opinions as to construction methods and recommendations. Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated!

Some of the specific questions I've been pondering are these:

1. Do the four sides need to be panels? In other words, do I need to worry about wood movement relative to the legs? Can I just glue the sides to the legs with a tight tenon joint and be done with it?

2. Should I make the two shelves out of 3/4 " ply or solid wood glue-ups, or even panels?

3. How much (depth) should I use for the rails to support the shelves from the sides? (in the model they are not attached but simply "floating" inside the cabinet).

4. How should I stabilize the two shelves from the bottom? (i.e. glue strips along the width of the bottom to keep them flat or something similar?)

5. How should I (or should I?) attach the glass to the top frame? If someone spills something on the glass, I would like the seal to be as watertight as possible and have all of the liquid run over the edges. I also want the glass to be flush with (or even slightly proud of) the top surface.

6. How should I attach the hinge for the top to make it work right but keep it relatively invisible?

7. How do I attach the cabinet door so it lines up perfectly every time it's closed? (i.e. what type of clasp would be best....I want the cabinet door to be pretty much a "secret" door)

Quesne Ouaques
03-24-2007, 9:24 PM

Some folks had trouble opening the link that I posted. I think I fixed it. Please try again and let me know.

I'm putting the new link here too: