View Full Version : Home Brew Rotor for LaserPro.

Stanley Waldrup
03-11-2007, 5:10 PM
Hello All. First post here at SawMill Creek. I am getting ready to Order a LaserPro Spirt this week but would like to construct my own rotor in my machine shop. I need to know what Servo motor they are using and a few specifications. I have a new design in mind but don't want to spend the almost $1000. If all else fails I could order a motor from LaserPro.
is it 7 wires like Epilog?
measurement of degree per step?
model number?
Wiring print..?
anybody else built one?

Rodne Gold
03-12-2007, 1:06 AM
Why reinvent the wheel? buy the rotary attachement and adapt it to your own specs. Laserpro/Gcc use Servo motors with inbuilt rotary encoders. I would imagine that a Y axis motor would do in this case , or you could just order a replacement Rotary motor and build the housing , base and item clamps yourself.
We got Rotarys with all our Gcc's as part of the package.