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Charles McKinley
02-27-2003, 9:53 PM
Hello All,

I have a No. 5 plane I just found in my Dad's basement. It has green japaning and a made in Germany sticker. There is another sticker that is almost gone that was a long skinny oval with a larger shorter red oval on top of it. I cannot make out a name on it.

I want to make benches from slabs and don't have the $$ for a 16" tailed jointer. What plane would be recommended to smooth them. They are Charry and Oak slabs comming off a band saw mill.

I just won a No. 8 on an auction but the reading I just completed suggest I should get a scrub plane to start. Could I put a slight curve to the No. 8 Iron? I know that I would not be able to edge joint with it like that.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Charles McKinley

Pam Niedermayer
02-28-2003, 8:32 AM
Probably this is a Kunz plane, based on being made in Germany and green. As to a #8 and its blade, you can always champher a blade. In fact, it's advisable to round off the corners just slightly to avoid dig in, blade marks, and the like. But a scrub plane is a different issue.

I'd suggest taking a look at scrub plane blades, they're very drastically rounded. I'd also consider using your #5 as the basis for scrubbing, round the blade significantly.


Dennis McDonaugh
02-28-2003, 2:51 PM
Charles, you don't need a scrub plane to remove bandsaw marks, use that green monster to remove them (after you make sure the sole is flat in front of and an inch or so behind the mouth and the blade is really sharp). A scrub plane is for hogging off a lot of wood. It has a blade with a radius of 2-3" and a wide open mough so it really digs in.

Normally I'd attack bandsaw marks with a #5 jack plane, then do the final smoothing with a #4 and a scraper. The edges can be jointed with your #8 (which should have a small amount of radius on the blade, but not nearly as much as a scrub plane.

Charles McKinley
03-02-2003, 9:09 PM
Thank you Pam and Dennis.

Ernie Miller Topeka
03-05-2003, 11:05 AM
That plane can probably be tuned up enough for a scrub. like the others have said round that blade and open the mouth. I would then use the #8 with a fine mouth to flaten the board and then a smoother if needed. you realy need to use a longer plane than you scrub to flaten the board befor using the smoother otherwise it won't be any where near flat.