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chris toomey
02-27-2003, 9:34 PM
if someome posts a response to a post from a few days ago....doe this move the post to the top of the list...ie to page #1? i ask because i've noticed a post come and go several times....i looked at it thinking it was a new post only to realize that i had seen it several times before. if so, i don't like it


Keith Outten
02-27-2003, 10:19 PM

Whenever someone posts a message to an existing thread it does move it back to the top of the list. This keeps all active threads as visable as possible. This is why we are here, to share information and communicate...why would you want an active thread to be buried?

You can go right to the last post by clicking on the blue arrow to the right of the posters name.

chris toomey
02-28-2003, 7:54 AM

it may just take some getting used too. i opened up a thread called "new work bench" thinking it was a new thread cause it was at the top of the list, only to find that i had already seen those pics several times

anyway thanks for the response, and thanks for all your hard work in such a short period of time. we all really appreciate it. you've done an outstanding job

Ted Shrader
02-28-2003, 8:34 AM
Chris -

I use the yellow arrow in the blue box that Keith described. They only appear next to the threads that have new (to you) messages. Be sure to mark forum as read (upper right) when you are finsished. Makes sorting things out a lot easier when you come back.

Also - the envelopes that have a black dot in them are threads you have replied to.


Aaron Koehl
02-28-2003, 3:36 PM
When viewing the forums, all active threads are
at the top. This is so that old news that nobody is
talking about eventually goes to the last page of
listings, and one can catch up with what's new.

To view new posts specifically, use the 'View new posts'
feature accessible from a text link on the main page, in the
upper right hand corner of the screen.

When viewing in this manner, you're guaranteed not to
have to read threads that you've already completely
read through. If pictures are the problem, you can
turn off attachments in your user control panel, so that
they will appear as links and you can choose whether
or not to view them.


Dave Hammelef
02-28-2003, 4:40 PM
Some of us are truely senile and we just keep reading the same posts over and over and over and over and over, the worst part is a few times I almost replied to my own post to tell me I was wrong???

Jason Roehl
02-28-2003, 6:35 PM
I think a good additional feature here would be to put WHEN the post was started under the "Thread Starter" name.