View Full Version : How to import Illustrator file to CorelDraw?

Richard Rumancik
02-23-2007, 10:35 AM
I have a customer with a file that is a free-form vector shape with some text. I want to cut out the shapes and mark the text.

He is using Illustrator (not sure the version.) I have CorelDraw 11. I suggested that he give me the files as .eps files. When I get the file, the file sizes are 500KB+ for simple shapes and a small amount of text. I expected small files maybe 20-50KB. When I import into Corel it imports as a bitmap, not as a vector. The selection is identified as "eps file on Layer 1 72 x 72 dpi".

I thought that eps should allow me to import the file into CorelDraw as a vector file. What am I doing wrong? Or what should I ask for instead?

Joe Pelonio
02-23-2007, 12:16 PM
First try importing as a different type of eps, in Corel 12 there's "encapsulated postscript" and "Postscript Interpreted". Some lower versions had a 3rd type of eps you could import, but I'm not familiar with 11.

Then try importing as a pdf, if it's greater than version 9.0 AI it will import to corel that way.

On the other hand, the customer may have SAVED it as an eps rather than CONVERT to eps, so it is an eps bitmap.

Dave Jones
02-23-2007, 2:23 PM
An EPS can contain any combination of vectors, bitmaps, and text/fonts. An illustrator file can to, and so can a Corel file. Saving something in any of those formats does not mean that it will contain vectors.

You need to know if the original file actually contains vectors that you can use, and then when they save the file you need to know if they saved it from a program that saves the vectors. For example, Photoshop can open an Illustrator file and save an EPS file, but what it saves is purely bitmap even if the original had vectors.

Ron Wiik
02-23-2007, 6:07 PM
I do most of my work in Illistrator 8 and print with Corel 9. In my case I save the file as an Illistrator 7 file (that is the newest that Corel 9 will handle) and then importing the .ai file. Bitmaps and vector lines come over fine.

Richard Rumancik
02-24-2007, 5:56 PM
Thanks to all who answered.

Joe, you identified the problem correctly. The eps filter came up first, but did not work. But when I forced it to use the .ps filter to import the file, then I could see the vectors properly. Thanks.


Bill Cunningham
02-25-2007, 8:50 PM
Sometimes, where receiving files from customers who may or may not understand what you really need, and they are using vector based software like .ai or corel, I have them export it (and stress 'export' not 'save') the file as a .wmf (windows metafile) this will auto convert all text to curves, so you don't get the missing font warnings, and can be imported into any version of corel, from any version of .ai ..