View Full Version : Has anyone tried selling on Ebay?

James Meagher
02-21-2007, 3:24 PM
Does anyone have any helpful hints on seeling on Ebay. I am considering it.

Dave Jones
02-21-2007, 3:43 PM
There's a LOT of engraved stuff being sold on ebay. A lot of it for next to nothing. Take a long look over there before you think about selling things there.

Joe Pelonio
02-21-2007, 5:11 PM
I've only sold a few items in the fall toward Christmas. As mentioned by Dave there's a lot and it's mostly pretty common simple stuff.

If you can come up with something fairly unique, that sells for a good profit without having to move several hundred of them, then E-Bay could work. I sold several clocks, some laser engraved/cut wood, others acrylic. The best seller was the personalized multi-layer/color acrylic "flames" clocks. They were just under 12x24, materials/parts cost me about $14 and I sold them for $39-$75.

Then I also sold some custom cupholders for classic cars, wood or acrylic for $20-$40