View Full Version : Transfer Tape and Laminating Film

Joe Pelonio
02-09-2007, 5:20 PM
I'm working on a huge job doing the door numbers for a fancy hotel, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to post a picture for some people that have asked about these.

I apply this 12" 3M 467MP adhesive laminating film (left) to the back of the acrylic prior to cutting out the numbers. It's also great for logos to apply to equipment, backs of small engraved signs, letters for dimensional signs.

In the center and right are 6" and 12" R-Tape #4075 transfer tape, used to transfer vinyl lettering but also handy to protect materials from burn/smoke marks when laser cutting, masking for painting and other uses.

On this job I apply the adhesive film, cut, remove from the laser and put all back together again to spray paint, so that only the tops are dark green. Then I'll have to peel the backing from each number and apply them to the acrylic background piecees, already cut. Then it goes elsewhere for them to add the braile.