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Pete Ganz
02-06-2007, 1:18 PM
We ordered a VL-300 from ULS with air assist, which should be arriving shortly.

I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on what PSI, CFM etc that the compressor for the air assist needs to be?

I saw in an older thread that it should be oil-less.

Would one of the pancake type home depot carries be good?

Any advice would be very welcome.


Ed Maloney
02-06-2007, 1:23 PM
Pete - This is the one I and others here at the Creek purchased.


Pete Ganz
02-06-2007, 1:35 PM
Thanks ed,

That looks pretty compact and it has a water trap. Will I need a dessicant dryer as well?

Does the PSI matter for air assist?


Ed Maloney
02-06-2007, 1:59 PM
Pete - I doubt that you would need the dryer, but I am a babe in the compressor woods. Others will be answering your question shortly!

Here's a related thread if you haven't seen it yet.


Joe Pelonio
02-06-2007, 3:27 PM
The pancake type you mentioned would drive you up the wall with the noise,
the one Ed shared is just like mine though I got it elsewhere and paid a little more, and it's nice and quiet.

Martin Reynolds
02-06-2007, 3:35 PM
This is the one that came with my machine:


It is a bit beefier than the HF version. Not sure that it makes a difference, though - the dual cylinder is about higher pressure rather than more airflow.

Gary Hair
02-06-2007, 5:28 PM
I ran a line from my 5hp vertical compressor into the room where my laser sits. I have a filter/dryer next to the laser. No noise and plenty of air.


Jin Lee
02-06-2007, 8:57 PM
What do you guys have your output PSI set at on the air compressors?

- J.

Gary Hair
02-06-2007, 9:12 PM
I have mine set at 30 psi from the compressor and can adjust it on the laser as well. Check your manual, it may have a maximum pressure listed.


Keith Outten
02-07-2007, 12:33 AM

I also use my shop air compressor to supply air for my laser engraver. My compressor has an 80 gallon tank and is capable of 175 psi, it is located in a building adjacent to my shop which eliminates the noise and I don't have to worry about sparks when using Nitro Laquer.

I have a small pressure reducing valve, ball valve and water trap installed at my engraver that drops the air pressure from 90 to 25 psi. The ball valve allows me to cut the air on and off quickly.

Almost any air compressor will do the job whether it is oil-less or not or has a tank. Noise is a major issue for most people, nobody wants to listen to the constant noise of a compressor when engraving long jobs. You will often be working at your computer on the next job while one is engraving, peace and quiet is a valuable thing :)


Mike Hood
02-07-2007, 7:28 PM
I'll second that. I do think it depends on the machine though. With a Pinnacle or LaserPro, your air assist is not going to have the same opportunity to shoot water on the lens. Air is directed into the cut area from the side, rather than through a pressurized lens housing.