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Ginger Bosak
01-13-2007, 3:19 PM
Hello everyone!

Thanks for such great posts. They certainly are helpful to me.

I believe that I found from this forum satin bags from papermart.com are
a good thing for weddings and things of that nature.

But for the life of me, (and i have searched 10 minutes) I cannot find that thread.

The question is ....

I have tried bag after bag and either i am pushing too much power (because it blasts through both sides of the bag) or not enough to see the font. I thought that the satin bags would have a little more contrast. So I tried taping the bag, but it didnt go through the tape, so i hit it again, and it burned through the whole bag.

What can I do to get some more contrast out of satin bags. Or did my choice of buying red ones not really work out.

I proposed to a person selling hand made soaps that she would want to use these bags with her logo on them so that she had more professional look. But I guess I should have tried the bags before i approached her.


Brian Conklin
01-13-2007, 5:43 PM
On my 30w ULS I run the satin bags at 15-20P 100S. They don't take much! I have done quite a few for a wedding and they are stunning!

Hope this helps


Ginger Bosak
01-13-2007, 6:35 PM

Thanks for the information.

I too am running a 30w ULS. I will have to try that tonight.

Can I ask, what color bags did you do?


James Meagher
01-13-2007, 11:14 PM
Could one of you post a picture of the engraved satin bags it would be nice to see