View Full Version : microplane disks and other stuff...

Jerry Allen
01-13-2007, 1:13 PM
It seems to me that I got the tip for Microplane orbital sander disks some time back here on this forum. But I could not find the link if there was one. I finally got around to ordering some from Rockler and I have to say, they are great!
If you order two packs of assorted rather than 3 packs of the various grades it's cheaper.
I go through a lot of 5" sanding disks and these stainless steel disks really last and do a nice job. The course disk is very agressive and seems a little out of control at first but it's a lot faster than the 80 grit sandpaper that I normally use. The finer grades leave a nice finish. Past 220 I revert to sandpaper.

A couple of other things I have just bought but have not tried yet:
I have read a couple of tips that sound promising.
One is for Minwax Wood Hardener. I have read that it works so well that you can turn cardboard into a substantially stiff material on par with wood.

The other thing is Future Floor Polish/Wax. Apparently it is an acrylic based liquid and is used by modelers to protect paint and decals, as well as other uses. I have read pros and cons, 50/50 on aging, cracking, and yellowing. I guess it depends on the usage.

If anyone has any experience with these things, please comment.