View Full Version : Score!! Brazilian Cherry Flooring Gloat... and um, problem

Dan Mages
01-09-2007, 8:12 PM
So I stopped by this local liquidator store to see what they had in stock for flooring for my basement. I did not need anything too fancy or expensive since I am selling the place pretty soon. After looking around I found a small pile of Brazilian cherry engineered flooring for $2 a sq ft!! This is great quality stuff too. It has a 25 year wear warranty and a 1/8" wear layer. However, to make this work I need to put in some other flooring as I am about 20 sq ft short and am not sure if I can get more. I have some black granite I bought a while back for the bar countertop that I will not be needing as much of now, so I am thinking about using it for the floor.

I see two options, go from the bar to the far side of the door (10ft) and 4ft or 6.5 ft in to the room. 4 ft will give you enough clearance to enter the room, take off your shoes, and proceed. 6.5 ft (illustrated below) will enclose the whole bar area.


Thoughts? Opinions? Ridicule?

Dan :D