View Full Version : Know Anything about new Video Camera's

Dennis Peacock
12-24-2006, 5:52 PM
The LOML and I are needing to get a new video camera. We have one, mini-VHS from many years ago and it's getting really hard to find media and batteries for it, so we're thinking it may be time to research and plan for the purchase of a new video camera next year some time.

What are your recommendations and experiences? Suggestions and thoughts are welcomed. We would like to be able to transfer the video to DVD at some point.

Tim Morton
12-24-2006, 6:00 PM
The guys ar B&H video are VERY helpful...might be worh a call.

Travis Porter
12-24-2006, 6:04 PM
I bought the LOML a new one for her birthday. To make it easier to do transfers I bought one with a firewire (IEEE 1394) connection as her laptop has this connection as well so it simplifies things. I read for indoor/low light it is better to get one with 3 CCD's, and to pay attention to optical zoom, not digital. I ended up getting her the Panasonic GS500 and have been happy with it so far. It takes 4 megapixel stills that are pretty good as well, not as good as her digital camera, but still able to enlarge to and 8x10 without loss of quality.

HTH and good luck

Jim Becker
12-24-2006, 7:05 PM
I've enjoyed my Sony HC-90. The quality is outstanding and it supports the 16:9 format that was a must have for me. (I'm drooling over the new high def version that is inching towards a grand instead of three) The Sony also has a very good "night vision" system for taking video in very low light. I happen to like the MiniDV tape format rather than straight to memory or hard disk. You can keep the tapes on the shelf for future access and as backup to the electronic versions you transfer to your PC.

My only grip is that it doesn't support much in the way of external microphones. I don't know if the new equivalent does. But the internal stereo mics are quite good...so it hasn't been too much of an issue.

Travis brings up a good point...you WANT firewire connectivity to your PC if you really want to take advantage of the video camera for transfer and edit with something like Adobe Premier Elements.