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Christopher Pine
12-21-2006, 10:46 PM
I just had to respond to the two posts that I seen for "snow" and "snow day" I blelieve they were both in new mexico... I know your snow is unusual... Ours in this amount really is too.. I guesstimate about two feet deep average, it happenes but not like every year. Every 5 or so years we seem to get a "blizzard" and it makes national news... seems like it happenes whenever Broncos play monday night so it is broadcast during one of our bad storms... Funny though even with this all these out of towners keep moving here... :confused:

Anyway for your viewing pleasure.. By the wya I am native born and raised to Denver CO. I love it here. even with this .
Also being a native I have not attempted to leave the house the last two days... I dug out this morning but did not drive any place.. somtimes if you don't "have " to it is best to go make a fire in fireplace and stay put.
Merry Christmas!


Jim Becker
12-21-2006, 10:51 PM
Yea, you got hammered...I have a lot of coworkers in your area. Unfortuantely, since we are in the enterprise telcom business, they were easily able to work from home! (In fact, my business number is in Highlands Ranch and rings here on my desk, despite the fact that I live in PA) No "snow day" for them...

I really feel for the 4700 or so folks stuck at the Denver airport, however...that's really got to be "stressful to the max"!

Bruce Page
12-21-2006, 11:30 PM
Christopher, I used to live in northern New Mexico, (Los Alamos) and remember those 25”–35” even 45" storms well. The neat part was that everybody up there knew how to take them in stride. I remember trick or treating with my kids in 2 feet of snow! If we ever got 25” here in Albuquerque there’d be mass hysteria and a few thousand car wrecks! Your pic’s are pretty but I’ll stick with the 8-10” that we occasionally get…