View Full Version : Snow Day!

Bruce Page
12-20-2006, 5:49 PM
Well almost, got to go in to work 4 hrs late.

We don't see this very often in Albuquerque. Got about 8" last night & this morning.

Ken Fitzgerald
12-20-2006, 6:22 PM
Pretty stuff Bruce! My favorite time of year was elk hunting the first week in November at an elevation of 7000' plus...in the white stuff. You have to be prepared for it but ....boy it's beautiful....dangerous but beautiful!

Dennis Peacock
12-20-2006, 6:52 PM
Hey!!!! Send some of that white stuff down this way!!! All we are getting is rain, rain, and more rain. :)

Ron Jones near Indy
12-20-2006, 6:54 PM
Pretty snow isn't it? Don't think I would like a climate that doesn't have snow.:cool:

Jim Becker
12-20-2006, 8:08 PM
Hey....looks just like Alaska! :D

Steve Clardy
12-20-2006, 8:12 PM
Rained here most of the day.

Snow. I've had enough of it this year:rolleyes: ;)

Tom Hamilton
12-20-2006, 8:13 PM
Nice Bruce, I passed through you fair city a couple of weeks ago on the way home from Santa Fe. We had 4" of snow during our week up the hill from you. Very pretty.

Of course, now that I'm back in Houston, we had a 78 degree day and hoping for a cool front to lower the temps to 62 tonight!

Thanks for the photos.


Joe Mioux
12-20-2006, 8:49 PM
We haven't had that much snow in ages.

I would like some....