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Roy Wall
12-14-2006, 12:47 AM
Hey guys,

We've got some nice 60* days coming up here in KC and I need to do a little work on the garage doors... Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

These are "screw drive" type and I'd like to lube the both the screw drive section and the wheels/rails.

I've always used WD40 on the wheels & Rails..... but I think the screw drive section is a little dry... DO these use some type of Lithium grease?? I can't find the owners manual....so this is why I ask. Seemed like it was grayish or similar.....and very nasty if on your clothes!

Anyway, I can call a garage door place...but thought I'd ask the collective here first! I can probably find what I need at the BORG for a WHOLE LOT LESS $$$.......????

John Hart
12-14-2006, 7:42 AM
I went through the whole grease litany just recently when I had to repack the bearings on my generator. From my point of view, the difference in price was negligible between the best and the worst, considering how little was required and how long it lasts. But I got mine at the autoparts store and ended up with the Molybdenum Disulfide Lithium based grease...noted for its temperature range and longevity. Cost was about $10 for a 10 year supply. That said, my application is different than yours. My target is a high speed/high temperature. But it is important, no matter what the application, to do your greasing at a good moderate temperature. Too cold outside and the grease will not adhere properly. If in doubt...apply a blow dryer to the parts prior to greasing.

Anyway...that's what I learned on my little adventure. Good luck Roy. :)

Glenn Clabo
12-14-2006, 8:18 AM
Lubriplate Aero Lithium Based Grease Suggested for all screw drive and chain drive operators. Meets manufacturers specifications for screw driver operators. Recommended by "The Genie Company", garage door openers. Used for garage and door opening mechanisms, gear cases,
O-Rings, seal lubrication, and many other applications. Aero is a neutral lithium base lubricant. Manufactured with a light viscosity mineral oil that remains plastic down to -70F. ASTM Dropping Point of over 350F and is an NLGI No. 1 consistency.
http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-19861108288157_1922_1339184 Aero Lithium Based Grease1.75 oz. TubePart# LP-AERO-175

Roy Wall
12-14-2006, 9:20 AM
Thanks Guys!!!

Jim Becker
12-14-2006, 10:17 AM
"Garage"?? What's a garage?? :D :D :D

Jim O'Dell
12-14-2006, 10:57 AM
Jim, that's the place some people move their tools around so they can park a vehicle :eek: :eek: inside, protected from the elements, and in the process destroys their ability to create dust. It's distasteful, but prevelant in certain parts of the country. :D :D Jim.

Tom Hamilton
12-14-2006, 1:03 PM
Roy, for what ever it is worth my howling garage doors required a service call (I thought) for a major realighment. The tech showed up and sprayed the tracks and rollers with 3 in1 brand white lithium grease from a aerosol can.

The howling stopped, he recommended doing it every 6 months or so, collected his $75.00 and was gone in 15 minutes. :(

I found the can at the Borg. :D

Tom, in Houston, with quiet running garage doors.

Russ Filtz
12-14-2006, 2:04 PM
Remember too that WD-40 is NOT a lubricant, it's a solvent. It may help temporarily with squeaks, but leaves nothing behind for lubrication. OK to spray it first to clean things a bit, but then followup with a true lubricant.

Roy Wall
12-15-2006, 11:49 PM
Thank you for all the good info......you guys are awesome.

I went to a local Garage Door installer and bought some Aero lub....$5. He was also kind enough to share more info.

He said the best thing for the wheels was 10w or equivalent motor oil (yes, the WD is okay......but like Russ says....not for long!)

Then I laid newspaper all under the screw drive track and sprayed WD40 all along the track - disconnected the door - and let run for 30 seconds. The WD40 helps to "CLEAN OUT" all the old lub and gunk. It definately did! I repeated this cleaning 3 times on each garage door. Let dry for an hour....wiped off all the old residue and used the Aero Lub for a "bead" along the screw drive. Lubed all the wheels and spring areas, etc..

It runs much, much better and quieter - LOML thinks I'm the ultimate handyman...and life is good!:)

And yes....the guy told me labor is $89/hour on top of a $65 service call.....so $2-300 saved for .....ahem....more tools??!!!:D

Thanks ALL!