View Full Version : Using Adove Illustrator with Lasre Machines

Gary Gilbert
12-06-2006, 12:32 PM
I know about 3 small companies with laser machines. 2 have Universal, and the other is a Epilog.

Our company does most of its designs using Adobe Illustrator.

However, the companies I work with all use Corel Draw.

Has anyone effectively used Illistrator with their systems?
It would save days or weeks of file conversion for me - things don't always
translate perfectly.

Thanks and regards!

Gary Gilbert
Elkridge, MD

Bob Tate
12-06-2006, 12:44 PM
I use Illustrator exclusively. However, Corel X3 opens my Illustrator and everything is exactly the same. Where are you having problems?

Gary Gilbert
12-06-2006, 1:08 PM
The issue seems to be around artwork that needs to be printed as a stroke, but is only a vector (or line). Then, conversion of some licensed fonts to outline in Illistrator doesn't seem to transalte perfectly to Corel.

IO don't have X2 - I have 10.
The guys I use have Corel 9, and just got X3. They are having troubles
importing or opening the Illustrator files.

I am considering (not just for this work, but my own) purchasing a system, but I have tons of stuff in Illustrator.
If it works with the machines, that makes my startup so much easier.

Thanks for the reply!

Mike Mackenzie
12-06-2006, 2:46 PM
As long as you use illustrator CS2 you can run the Universal directly it has to be PC version.