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Boyd Gathwright
12-02-2006, 2:16 AM
.... Never in my wildest did I ever expect to see this, at $30.00 a pop. I was in Lowe's Thursday and saw this.

Powered Clamp

http://www.blackanddecker.com/ProductGuide/Product-Details.aspx?ProductID=15251 (http://www.blackanddecker.com/ProductGuide/Product-Details.aspx?ProductID=15251)





John Ricci
12-02-2006, 7:04 AM
I actually tried one of those at HD and I have to say that it is without a doubt the most ridiculous tool I have seen in a long time, rivalled only by the electric adjustable wrench:rolleyes: I don't think we'll be seeing either of those in next years Christmas lineup...not even parts by then.

Per Swenson
12-02-2006, 8:03 AM
Oh go ahead and sniffle.

My 108 year old grandmother who took up woodworking at 97,

(she was bored with afghans and the biddy's at bingo), suffers from

a little authoritis in her hand. She is gonna love this.

And yes, it's authoritis not arthritis.


Kent Fitzgerald
12-02-2006, 8:56 AM
As Per suggested, this could actually be a great thing for disabled folks. But I have to agree with John that they'll likely diasppear from the market after the holiday season.

Lee DeRaud
12-02-2006, 11:26 AM
I haven't seen the B&D widget described below (the link is showing "page not found" at the moment), but it occurred to me that it would be trivial for Bessey (and others) to add a 1/4" hex socket at the end of the handles on their clamps. Then you can use any cordless drill to cinch them up.

Pointless you say? Well, there's the people with weak hands (for whatever reason), plus the torque applied would be consistent from clamp to clamp on a large glue-up.

Just a thought.