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Aimee Gray
11-27-2006, 1:52 AM
Hi Everyone

Last week we picked up a 1972 Holden HQ Ute cheap, and we are hoping that next year we can use it for a bit of advertising. Holdens in Oz are very popular and we are hoping to create something that all the blokes (and the girls!) look at and say WOW! I want that done on my car.:cool:
At the moment it has a lot of rust (as most holdens do) and a few problems so it won't be happening straight away. I am looking for someone to give me a few more ideas of what we could do to the car to make it look awesome! A couple of ideas we have had is the tray - make it timber and laser that, Laser the windows (if that possible) and and I dont know what else. Please can anyone give me some ideas or some photos maybe if anyone else has already done this sought of thing before.


Rodne Gold
11-27-2006, 3:07 AM
I have a HOTROD '72 hq ute , was called a Chev El Camino in South Africa.
I have used the laser to make some trim pieces and do some interior work on it , can't think of body graphics that would show specifically that its "lasered" unless you vaporise the painwork , tho getting the panels into the laser is a hassle.
Digital printing , vinyl cutting etc are better ways to go than trying to laser.
The bed cover is only visible from above , so no real advantage to doing anything there , the windows can be lasered (2 sides and back) however you would proabably run foul of traffic regulations re obstruction of visibility.
I have modded mine to include power steering , limited slip diff , power windows , central locking/alarm , 350 cu inch motor , th350 box (and floor shifter) , ICE , Used a ford courrier 1/3rd-2/3rds split bench seat , all jaguar guages , a ford steering wheel and column etc.
These are a lot rarer her than in Aussie and are consdered cool vehicles over here. Mine will take an M3 on accel and hits a true top speed of 227kph.

Joe Pelonio
11-27-2006, 9:33 AM
How strange this is, I have a '72 El Camino. I have made a cupholder and radio trim bezel for it on the laser. Also have cut gaskets now and then for various things on it. Mine's a 350 4 barrel, with cowl induction hood.

Aimee Gray
12-12-2006, 1:30 AM
Thanks guys for your input. Sorry i haven't replied sooner, i've been a bit busy. We now have two utes, the latest is a style side HJ 1975 in a bit better nick. Just going to use some parts off it for the other tray back.
I will let you know when we have done the work and show some photos, Probably won't be till next year.

Thanks again guys.