View Full Version : Hope All Had a Great Day !!

Jack Dickey
11-23-2006, 7:06 PM
Hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving Day ..
LOML and I were talking on the way to her mothers this morning , and wondering how many really are Thankful for what we have here .. I dont think the majority of her crowd are , just another day of eating and drinking for them ..
When I was coming along all this was bred into us more or less , and we were well aware of what a Great Blessing we have for being here .. It dont go away ..
Sadly I think it's not got the meaning that it did back then ..
Without being political , whether you're a Democrat or Republican , like whats going on with our country now or not , still it's the greatest place to live on the face of the earth .. We can all agree to disagree , and move along ..
Was hoping to catch up with Dennis Peacock today .. Right now he's about 4 miles from me at his inlaws .. He called this morning and we were gonna try to hook up this afternoon , but hasnt worked out .. We came in later than expected .. He'll be glad to leave here I think , he rattled off a long list of stuff he got suckered into doing ..
Finally found somebody who speaks down home country like me ...
I et too much ..

Dennis Peacock
11-24-2006, 12:14 AM

It was a GREAT PLEASURE to talk with you on the phone today!!!! I'm going to work out another trip back here soon and we'll get together then for sure as I leave for Alex City, AL tomorrow around noon. It was a pleasure to tawk with you on the phone today and it's nice to know that I can speak southern with ya and us both know what each other is sayin'. :)

Thanks for the reminder about Thanksgiving. Too many of us get caught up in the "stuff" of the holiday and often times forget what it's really all about. I've been very fortunate to spend it with family and friends. :D