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Keith Bragg
11-19-2006, 9:31 PM
I was looking for help with this photo to engrave it on marble or wood I have not decided but I have not been having very good luck with getting it ready it engrave as a blurr any one with suggestions please, I have attached the photo in hopes of some help. I just have not figured out what I am doing wrong:mad: .

Thanks Keith Bragg

Barbara Buhse
11-19-2006, 9:48 PM
I opened your photo in Corel, it didn't look so bad, but when I opened it in a photo editing program, it was a big blurr, as you said. I think you need a much clearer picture. If you saved this from the internet, that s the problem, because those pictures (correct me if I'm worng someone!) are only 96 dpi, and I've never really had any luck turning them into something engraveable.
If you have this photo as an actual file, e-mail it to me in its original state (.bmp or jpg) and I'll see what i can do. I do lots and lots of phhotos on wood.


Frank Corker
11-20-2006, 5:19 AM

I agree with Barbara, your picture is as bad as it can be, there is no substance in it and it has been stretched way too big. I think it is a screen capture or a thumbnail which is only 72dpi that you have there and a very small one at that.

If you have the original, scan it at 300dpi, if you can't I suggest you look on google and search for Doberman's. As it is you will never get a good etching from what you have. I too offer you the chance to send me your original by pm and I am willing to give it a look