View Full Version : Was it just me?

Bruce Page
11-11-2006, 5:00 PM
...or was SMC down for everybody else too?

stacey martin
11-11-2006, 5:05 PM
I couldn't get on either till now

Doug Shepard
11-11-2006, 5:05 PM
Nope. Me too. Couldn't access SMC for a good 5-6 hours.

Joe Mioux
11-11-2006, 5:08 PM
I had problems as well

someone forgot to pay their 2007 dues.

Jim King
11-11-2006, 5:21 PM
Me too: I just answered Normans comment from last night from the Amazon Tree Growth post.

You got it right. I would have answered last night but we had a light breeze and knocked out the power. Then it rained and flooded the street but filled our water storage. Flooded the back yard so we searched out the land turtles with flashlights and got them to high ground. Got up this morning to no internet or telephone but it is now kind of working. I am going to Lima tomorrow night after dark due to too many buzzards on the runway in daylight. The ecologists say that the buzzards cannot be shot but if there weren’t people here making garbage there would be no buzzards and then we could have flights. Make sense ?¿

My wife bought me some new “Lee” blue jeans trying to shine me up for the trip.
The only thing about the jeans that was “Lee” was the fake label. She bought size 36 and I could not get them past my knees. She left with a tape measure and hopefully can find my size. And on it goes. Just another day in the Third World trying its best to get to the fourth world. The strange part is we like it and when we went home to Wisconsin a few months ago we were both uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

This is ironic. The above message was typed in Word four hours ago and I have not been able to get into the SMC site yet as it quit when I was typing but other sites working good. Its contagious. Now the rain clouds are moving in so I am going to loose electricity but it is day light so the turtles are easy to find.. Will keep trying. Now Saturday 1:00 PM Eastern Time. The same time here in Peru as Florida.

It is now sometime after three in the afternoon service was restored. Now 3:58 and am replying.

Dennis Peacock
11-11-2006, 6:51 PM
Nope....it was down for me too....until now. :D

Jackie Outten
11-11-2006, 6:59 PM
That's strange. It was up this morning when we left to go to the Woodcraft turnathon. What time did it come back up?


Bruce Page
11-11-2006, 7:06 PM
That's strange. It was up this morning when we left to go to the Woodcraft turnathon. What time did it come back up?


Just shortly before I posted, 10-20 min.