View Full Version : Thinking of moving to western KS...any KS Creekers around??

Allen Boynton
11-07-2006, 3:32 PM
We are seriously considering moving to western Kansas from soggy(and I do mean soggy) western WA. Can anyone tell me why we shouldn't.
I retired early(55), three years ago and need to get away from the rain and the traffic. We had considered NM(Las Cruces area), but when we visited friends there last June it was much too hot and the sand and dirt blowing didn't set to well with the wife.
Looking online, the prices for property are really, really reasonable in the Great Bend-Hays area. I also like the idea of small town living where everyone knows everyone and the life is a lot slower and less hectic.
The only concern seems to be the tornado factor. The cold and snow I can handle...having my house moved to another county would be a little too much.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Rainier WA

Joe Pelonio
11-07-2006, 4:57 PM

What, 8" of rain in 3 days is too much for you??:D

Seriously, I don't blame you, I'm almost your age and we are getting out of here in 3-4 years but not going that far away. The worst thing besides all the rain is the traffic. This state is about 30 years behind on freeways and transit.

You do realize that between Sequim and Port Angeles, where my Mom lives, they only get 10-15" a year of rain? Last year only 9"! Even this huge storm has given them less than 1". Check it out.

Other than that there's a similar situation on Whidby Island. Both of those have much less traffic, slower way of life, and homes cost less.

One of my best customers is in Dallas Center, IA, and while I have not been there she came here and we had dinner. Funny thing, is that people there are used to the tornados, when here she was worried about earthquakes or Mt. Rainier blowing it's top.

For me I cannot see living in a place without all we have here, the trees, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and ocean all within a few miles. Even stuck in traffic taking over an hour to go 11 miles every day, I see the Olympics, Cascades, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and drive along Lake Sammamish where eagles roost or are flying around. (Well, at least when it's light and not too cloudy).

Ben Grunow
11-07-2006, 9:49 PM
We get more rainfall (annual) than you guys here in the NE. Yes it is fact. It just comes in larger storms here whereas you get long periods of drizzle.

In CT we had 41" (or 44"?) of rain last year which is above average by a couple but our average is always higher than WA (think its around 36" there). I had to look it up to verify when someone told me a couple of years ago. Move to CT, it rains less here? Dont look for better traffic though.

Robert Mickley
11-08-2006, 9:26 AM
Bernie Weishapl Lives in KS. Somedays I wish I had never left. For a larger city, Wichita waasn't bad. The folks there where pretty friendly. When we first moved there We lived in El Dorado, then Wichita and then Wellington.

Can get a little muggy in the summer. It can be a long way inbetween towns though. I could move back there. Only thing I would miss is access to treess that grow here and not there.

Eddie Watkins
11-08-2006, 2:43 PM
I'm not from western Kansas but have been there, visiting Bernie Weishapl of all things:) . I have lived in "tornado alley" since the early sixties when we moved from Modesto, CA. I have seen 2 tornadoes on the ground in my entire life and never been in one. The risk is not high that you will be in one. The cost of living is really low in this part of the country.


Scott Coffelt
11-08-2006, 3:13 PM
My wife is from that area, Larned to be specific. Not a bad area, I guess if you want to life in a small town. I will tell you the winters can get pretty cold, and the sumemrs can get pretty hot, but the spring and fall are nice. Great Bend isn't that far from Wichita, can make a nice day trip. KC is about 5hours away.