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Bryan Somers
11-03-2006, 10:08 PM
Wednesday afternoon a fire broke out at Eastern Guilford Highschool just east of Greensboro NC. Taylor Chambers 17 a senior there and a volunteer firefighter thought it was just a drill. When he realized it was real I understand he put on his gear and came back to help fight the fire. According to the news story his teachers and principal were begging him to stay away because it was too dangerous. Tayler wouldnt listen and insisted on helping and went to help do what he could do. The news showed a concerned but very proud mom and dad watching on. Unfortunatly Tayler and his fellow firefighters lost their battle.

The fire was too big and spread so fast the school was destroyed, but its dedication and effort of youg men like this that I applaud. We hear so many stories of kids gone wrong I wanted to tell you all of one good one. The good news is all the students and staff got out of the building safe.

I tip my hat to this young man and to any and all firefighters we may have on this board.

Bryan Somers
11-04-2006, 12:18 AM
Found a link to the video if interested


Gary Herrmann
11-04-2006, 2:01 AM
My Dad was a fireman for 35 years. He lost a lot of friends on the job. He forbid me to get into it. Insisted I go to college. I open my wallet everytime I see the guys out anywhere with the boot.

Nothing against policemen, but to run INTO a burning building? Courage defined.

Jim Hinze
11-04-2006, 8:52 AM
Wow... that warms the heart.

What a great kid! Just when I've about given up on the youth of today, a story like this comes buy and gives me hope.

John Miliunas
11-04-2006, 10:13 AM
Great story, Bryan and, AFAIC, even greater that the news media actually highlited this courageous young man. Far, FAR too often, the media exploits and brings the bad kids into the spotlight. I sincerely believe that, even in this day and age, most of our kids are really good kids and not all that much different than we were at their age. But, most of the time, that's NOT what we see on TV, hear on the radio or read in the papers. I think if society and the media would do more to pay attention and encourage the positive in our children, there's a better chance it would "rub off" on those who are more "borderline" or even those who are already taking the "bad" path in life. Just MHO...:) Thanks for highliting the positive, Bryan! :) :cool:

Ken Fitzgerald
11-04-2006, 10:47 AM
Bryan..........Great story! My hat's off to the young man! Yup! There are indeed some good, hard working, intelligent young men and women out there. If all you see about the younger generation is what you see on tv most nights you can become somewhat pessimistic about the kids of today. But then you see a story like this.....a story about young police officers or do like I did in 2000 and ride a US Navy aircraft carrier ......and then you realize.........There are a lot of good, intelligent, hard working young folks in this newer generation:) ........I just don't like their music.:eek: :D

Bryan Somers
11-04-2006, 12:50 PM
I just don't like their music.:eek: :D

How True.... My folks did'nt care much about my music either:D