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Rick Doyle
11-02-2006, 9:54 PM
Hi All,

I've spent some time today looking at IE7's 'Tabbed Browsing' features and have found some interesting and neat additions that will save a lot of time in opening websites. With 'Tabbed Browsing' there are a number of ways to have IE7 open up several websites with just one click! Here are 3 common ways to do this:

Having a Group of Websites as Your Homepage: Using this method, whenever you start IE7, it will open up all the sites that you have specified in Internet Options as your Home Page - all in separate 'tabs'. To do this, on the Tool Bar, click on 'Tools', 'Internet Options'; then, simply add more website entries(one to a line) in the window and click 'Apply'. Next time you start IE7, or select 'Home', all these websites will open in 'tabs'
Add 'Tab Group' to Favorites: In IE7, open several 'tabs' consisting of websites that you would like to group together. For instance, you may have a 5 or 6 woodworking sites you visit regularly. So, with these sites open in tabs, click on the 'Add to Favorites Icon' on the toolbar; enter the name of your new 'tab group' (i.e. woodworking); select where you want to save this new 'favorite' to. Then when you want to open this 'tab group' of websites, just go to "favorites"; highlight the name of the 'Tab Group' you want to open and then click the arrow just to the right of the name. Your new tab group will open with all the sites in a different tab.
Return to Last Tab Group Open This option can be used when you close IE7. Just click on the red 'X' to close - a window will open asking "do you want to close all tabs?"; In the same window, there is a check box which says "open these the next time I use IE". If you check that box, and then click 'close all tabs', the next time you start IE7, all 5 of the websites that were open when you closed, will re-open in new tabs.I'm now using all of the above methods and it really saves a lot of time and helps keep the websites I visit regularly a lot more organized - which is always good for me! http://forum.rickswoodworking.ca/Smileys/classic/grin.gif


Matt Meiser
11-03-2006, 8:42 AM
Good tip. I'll have to set that up when I get home.