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Ed Lang
10-30-2006, 5:33 PM
Here is a quick car I am cutting out of .25" Baltic Birch Ply.

I hope this will inspire others to design some more simple cars and trucks like this and post here.

I have custom graphics on the wheels and the body but didn't think you would want to use my name so I took it off for the upload.


Dan Gill
10-31-2006, 6:20 PM
Have I missed something? I cannot view any pics on this forum.

Dan Gill
10-31-2006, 6:21 PM
I didn't read the sticky. Never mind.

Mack Cameron
11-01-2006, 9:45 AM
The file just opens in a mishmash of garbled letters, numbers etc. for me.

Art Mulder
11-01-2006, 10:01 AM
The file just opens in a mishmash of garbled letters, numbers etc. for me.

I had to google to find out that a *.cdr file is a CorelDraw file.

I suggest that people might want to be clear about what kind of file format you are uploading... Hmm I should post this elsewhere.

Mike Shauer
11-06-2006, 1:07 AM
Right click...save as... change .htm to .cdr save as a corel file.
This will then open in Corel draw. You could also rename the .htm extension while in Corel draw to a .cdr it will prompt that it might make it unstable or something like that just say yes. It has never been unstable for me. Cheers, Mike

You must have the Corel Draw program to view this file.

Karin Voorhis
12-24-2006, 11:12 AM
This is a great simple Car!!!!! Ed you always have such good posts!!!!

I was wondering why 8 wheels to glue togeather for a thiker wheel????

Sorry if that is a silly question

I am new to woodworking guess I did it backwoods went from the Laser to woodworking not from woodworking to a laser. :D

John Shuk
12-24-2006, 5:44 PM
PDF would be nice for me.

Ed Lang
12-24-2006, 11:36 PM
Thanks Karin.

It is nice to hear something positive now and then.

I am working on a bunch more and try to use up the scraps I have around.

Karin Voorhis
12-26-2006, 8:00 AM
Ed any pics of your finished work on this????? Would love to see one done..... This is one project that looks 110% just for fun......