View Full Version : Tool chest pics

Matthew Springer
10-24-2003, 1:35 PM
Here's some pics of a machinist's type tool chest I've been working on. Paduak and Mahogany frame and panel with cherry "stretchers" and maple drawers. The drawers will eventually be overlaid with resawn mahogany (you can see what it'll look like in the last picture).

A bunch of electrons died in the process of making this, but alot of the trimming, fit and finish as well as al of the drawers we done the neander way. The hand DTs are coming out WAY better since I got that nice little LN DT saw...

I know I shold have a wine glass in there, but oh well.

Doug Littlejohn
10-24-2003, 5:50 PM
Really, really nice. Please post pictures when done and has tools in it.

Halsey MCCombs
10-24-2003, 5:57 PM
Fine job so far you should be real proud of it. I think the wine glass is Pattern. ;) Halsey

Dave Anderson NH
10-24-2003, 10:34 PM
A very nice piece of work so far. Please make sure you post some pix after you get it completed and the finish has been applied. I particularly like the dovetailed dividers between the drawers, truly a classic touch.