View Full Version : Creeker Visit...err...Oc-Tarr-Beer-Fest!

Jim Becker
10-29-2006, 10:28 PM
Creeker (and coworker) Robert Tarr and his lovely have this nice annual habit of inviting a bunch of folks to their home for food, beverage and fun during the fall season. This past Saturday was the annual event. And low and behold, it was held right in the shop...which was "gussied up" for the occasion. Now, far be it for me to post anything that might cause a fellow 'Creeker, outstanding friend and coworker embarrassment...but then again, my two lovely daughters insisted! (They were somewhat the unofficial "entertainment" for the period that we were at the event) So with no further adieu...the obligatory pictures!

Here, the girls in all their Halloween regalia (a bride and a fairy) pose with Mr. Tarr right after we arrived, Alesya left and Nastia, right.


Some of you may know that Robert and a big rock in a local park had it out about a month ago...and the rock won. Robert's left leg lost. (ouch) So the girls had a lot of time pushing him around the shop in his wheelchair...mostly avoiding toes and heavy machinery, but not always. Nastia does the honors here


This brings new meaning to "infeed" on the "outfeed"...a 3hp buffet complete with several varieties of knockwurst, saurkraut and all the fixings. You might also spy Robert's racing orange Adjust-A-Bench...an interesting story is behind that one!


And just to insure that this thread actually has something to do with woodworking, yes, beer does bring out the grain in old heart pine flooring...


Jim Becker
10-29-2006, 10:28 PM
I think this precious shot will have to become a new Avatar when I get around to it...


And in fairness, and without the kitty fairy ears (nor the bride's crown I was forced to wear for abit)...(picture taken by Alesya)


Dr. SWMBO was, of course, a party to the party...


Unfortunately, I missed taking a shot of Mrs. Tarr...she actually looked the best in the kitty fairy ears as they matched her top exactly. Oh, well...

Martin Shupe
10-30-2006, 12:08 AM
Hey Jim,

What do your daughters think about Halloween? Are you going to be a good dad and take them trick or treating? I'll bet when they see their bags fill up with candy, they must be thinking "what a country"!

My kids love Halloween, and I love to take them around the neighborhood. I hope yours enjoy it, too.

Joe Mioux
10-30-2006, 6:10 AM
Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.


Karl Laustrup
10-30-2006, 8:09 AM
It appears that WW'ing tools can be used for other puposes. I can't think of a better secondary use than to hold food.

Always good to get together with other "Creekers".


Robert Tarr
10-30-2006, 9:39 AM

Thanks for posting the pictures.

Power was off to everything but the lights and we had plenty of food and drink. The girls burned off all of the calories that I was consuming. I think we must have done 40+ laps of the shop. I am sorry to say that you left right before the wheelie contest in the wheel chair broke out. Alas, I lost and one of my friends who is a former gymnast won (I think he cheated...:cool: )

The exposed power tools all had a fresh coat of wax and only had to pick up cold drinks off of them a couple times.

All in all, a great time. One of these years it isn't going to rain and we will be able to have the event both in the shop and in the back yard, repleat with hay rides, horse shoes, bobbing for apples etc.

Always next year.


P.S. Jim, I will use the avitar if you send it over.