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John Bush
10-28-2006, 2:56 PM
Good morning All,
I have been using mid level TS blades for several years with good success and finally stepped up to a much better level Infinity blade. Now I can really see the difference in results and low and behold a friend used my one and only, good, new, cherished blade to cut some solid surface type of countertop material(Paperstone I believe it"s called), and the blade is no longer "perfect". I want to get it back to it's original condition and also think this would be a good opportunity to get all my other blades sharpened as well. My ?? is where to send for sharpening. I know there have been many posts on this topic but am wondering how imortant it would be to have Infinity do the sharpening on their own blade? Does anyone know of a sharpening service in Seattle? Advantages and shipping costs to send out of town? What does it cost to resharpen 10" TS blades? I assume #of teeth and rip vs xcut may make a difference as well. Thanks, JCB.

glenn bradley
10-28-2006, 4:58 PM
Here's a few but I can't speak for them as I'm in So Cal. What I did was go to the best quality local cabinet shop in my area and asked them where they sent theirs. That way I got a first hand response. The guys had been using the same outfit for 10 years and had no complaints. That's the kind of recommendation I was looking for.

If you can't find anyone you trust locally and need to ship, Forrest sharpens other blades using their method or American Carbide in Hawthorne, CA comes highly recommended and is totally set up to receive and return blades by shipping.