View Full Version : Neat Article on Universal Laser

Noah Alkinburgh
10-23-2003, 5:07 PM
There is a great article about the VersaLaser made by Universal Laser in the Nov. 11 issue of PC Magazine. Thought you laser guys might want to go take a look at it on line if you don't get the mag. The article title is "The Ultimate Laser "Printer"". Enter that in as the search critera on PCMag.com and you should find the Bill Machrone article.

Interestingly enough, if I remember correctly, Bill is a woodworker and was insturmental in getting BP off the ground and occasionally would post there. Maybe we can get him to join us here at the creek.

Any of you going out to Comdex should go visit Universal Laser and tell them to donate one to SMC :) Keith keep working on them. This little versa laser would look great in my shop :D