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Rose Hamacher
10-19-2006, 1:52 PM
Hi everyone,

I am assuming all of you Doughmaker customers will be receiving the letter, if you haven't already - no more lids! This is not good news considering how popular this product has been with many of you. I thought they were a great idea, even though my meager customer base bought all they cared to buy and my market dried up, which is why I sold my remaining stock to Dennis.

So, just a thought -I had an idea some time ago about getting aluminum lids anodized, which may be something some of you could look into. I personally like the way anodized aluminum engraves, maybe even better than the painted Doughmaker coating did.

Rose Hamacher

Dennis Kotlowski
10-19-2006, 2:26 PM

I did receive my letter yesterday. It is sad that they have strung alot of us along for so long. First they were going to have more in June, then July....Aug....Sept....Oct...Nov....now never. I have heard from other cake pan lid engravers that Doughmakers is going through bankruptcy. In the many conversations that I have had with Debbie (lid rep) she never mentioned that. And in the letter that was sent it states they are having sourcing issues, but I have heard they just don't have the capital to purchase the lids and get them painted. I wonder what the businesses will do that primarily sell these as their main product. I would really hate to change to the Nordicware pans because they do not compare in quality to the Doughmakers pans and there is no other manufacturer that I know of. Who knows....maybe there won't be a Doughmakers anymore if they don't get through the bankruptcy. This might explain why there old lid rep. (Ryan) no longer works there. He may have seen what was coming.

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