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Jim Becker
10-17-2006, 9:41 PM

One of the enjoyable and easy projects I made a few years ago is a Shaker style "student desk" for one of my nieces. The nice thing is that this design isn't limited to desk use as it's very easy to vary the depth and other measurements if you desire. While this is Shaker inspired, it's not a delicate as it could have been due to the intended use...that's ok. The front apron and drawer front are also made from one piece using a technique I first saw on the New Yankee Workshop years ago...best results come with relatively straight grained material as even thin kerfs will be noticeable with anything "wild".

You can read a complete article on this project on my web site at this link (http://sawsndust.com/p-studentdesk-p1.shtm). The plans are available in both JPG and Autocad DXF format below. For the JPG, open in your browser to look, but save to your machine and print using a photo or picture editing software application. For the DXF file, import into your favorite CAD package.


Gary Herrmann
10-24-2006, 9:35 PM
Very nice, Jim. SWMBO wants a makeup table, that might be just the ticket.

Jim Becker
10-24-2006, 10:06 PM
Gary, thanks. For a makeup table, you might want to "lighten" it up a little. This design was intentionally made sturdy due to the age of the original recipient and may be considered a little "chunky" in some circles. Slimming the legs down from the 2" dimension as well as beveling the underside of the top would help that nicely.

Martin Rock
12-23-2008, 9:40 AM
Hi JIm

Could you tell me the tappered dimensions of the legs, from 1 3/4 down to ???

The jpg is a little fuzzy



Dave Verstraete
12-23-2008, 10:06 AM
Nice desk....drop it off at my place!

Dewey Torres
12-23-2008, 11:06 AM
Not only nice deck but I didn't know you had a website. I am impressed.

John Thompson
12-23-2008, 1:22 PM
Thanks for the links, Jim..