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Chuck Wintle
10-16-2006, 8:29 PM
are these monitors still troublesome with dead pixels and all or has the quality improved enough to not make that an issue. So far I have looked at LG and Samsung. Just looking for recommendations/ experiences with this type of monitor. TIA :D

Jason Roehl
10-16-2006, 8:36 PM
I think there was a thread on this not too long ago. I suppose they can and do still develop dead pixels from time to time, but the quality has greatly improved over the years. I have a Toshiba laptop with a cheaper screen, and after 20 months, I don't see any dead pixels. We also bought a 19" Samsung (930B, I think) this summer, and WOW! Great improvement over the 19" CRT I had been using (and the 17" CRT before that). Much easier on the eyes when using them for extended periods, too. I highly recommend the Samsung, which I got for ~$250 at Sam's Club. I've seen it for around $210 on sale in other places since.

Definitely get one with a good viewing angle. My laptop does not have a very good viewing angle, so it's hard to show others something on screen (could be a "feature" depending on your use--higher security in a public place). The Samsung is viewable at quite wide angles, which I like.

Joe Pelonio
10-16-2006, 8:42 PM
My Dell is now close to 3 years old and if there are any dead pixels I'd have to search with a magnifying glass, haven't noticed any. The price is now less than CRTs used to be so well worth it even if they didn't last more than a few years.

George Skinner
10-16-2006, 8:56 PM
LCD monitors are much better then they used to be. Last month I bought a LG L1932TQ from Best Buy for $250.00. It had no dead pixels and is a great monitor. I also just bought 2 BenQ FP93GX from New Egg for $233.00 ea. They also had no dead pixels and are great monitors. Only time will tell if they remain as good as they are but at this point I would gladly buy anyone of them again. At this time I would have to say the LG has a bit better picture quality but the BenQ has a more stable stand.


Ken Garlock
10-16-2006, 9:01 PM
Charles, I bought the Samsung SyncMaster 244T about the first of the year. It gives an excellent picture. It does a great job on DVD movies also. I also installed the TruType package at the M/S site, it made a great improvement in the sharpness of the printing, well worth the effort.

I have seen it somewhere that you can loose a considerable number of pixels before it becomes noticable, I want to say 10 to 20 percent, but seems high. I think that means all over the screen, and not in one area.

John Miliunas
10-16-2006, 9:21 PM
I agree with the general assesment the guys have already given. I've got an NEC about 3+ years old, still holding strong. Just got an LG for my test bench at work and zero defects. I work for the University in Madison and we have literally tons of Dell flat panel monitors. I've not heard of any issues. I personally support @ 80 users, at least 1/2 of which have one or more LCD's and dead pixels or any other issue, for that matter, has been...well...a NON-issue! :D Get one and give your eyes a break! :) :cool:

Norman Hitt
10-16-2006, 9:50 PM
I replaced a dead CRT monitor abouty 4 yrs ago with a 15" Microtek C593 (which was the cheapest in the store, but had the clearest and brightest picture of any there), and it has been flawless so far, and is just as bright and clear as the day I bought it, AND viewing angle is exceptionally wide. You can swing the monitor all the way around tooward 90* and it never fades, (of course at about maybe 85* to 87* the letters kind of start to run together just like trying to read a page in a book at that same angle).:D

I sure wouldn't ever go back to a CRT again. As others have said, it sure is easier on the eyes, and that was noticeable right from the start.

Jim Becker
10-16-2006, 11:52 PM
No dead pixels on any of the three digital LCD monitors in this house...nor on my ThinkPig from work.

Al Willits
10-17-2006, 4:14 PM
Last I heard, hard core gamers are still going with a CRT for maximum picture.
Commerical LCD's are getting very close and it seems now the average LCD has a good enough picture to keep all but the hard core happy.
I have a upper end Sony 19" CRT now and when that dies, I'll go LCD, prob 21" or so.

They have both improved and come down in cost.

Plus they don't take up anywhere near as much room.. :)