View Full Version : A Note about the new Project Plans Forum

Keith Outten
10-16-2006, 2:02 PM
Aaron has opened the new Project Plans Forum which should be very useful for thsoe who frequent this Forum. There is a 2 Megabyte file size allowance for Zip Files which will make it easier to share large Corel Draw, CAD Drawings and files for CNC Machines.

Downloading large Zip files will only be allowed for those who are current contributors. This is a necessary requirement if we are to be able to purchase the increased bandwidth that will be necessary to provide you with reasonable download speeds as the Forum useage increases.

I must admit that this is a bit of an experiment for us, most Public Forums don't even host pictures, much less host files of this size because of the bandwidth requirements and costs involved.

Aaron has also added Google Search to the Search menu here at SMC, this will make it easier to search The Creek as Google's search capability is far surperior to our bulit in search capability.

Last but not least Aaron has added an email form that will make it easier to contact him and reduce the huge amount of spam that he receives each day. We hope this will reduce his workload and make it easier for him to respond to more of our Members who have questions.