View Full Version : shop anvil (knife anvil)

Jerry Crawford
10-18-2003, 5:32 PM
most woodworkers eventually need to do a little anvil work and having a good slab of iron around is withut a doubt the best thing for heavy pounding. I recently came across a stick of high carbon steel 7 inches in diameter at a local scrap yard. I was hunting for an anvil when I found it. I'm making a knife anvil and my piece is 17" long by 7" in diamter - that weighs out about 180 pounds. When finished mounting I'll be in the neighborhood of 200# .

Next week I will return the rest of the stick to the scrap yard in Rochester New Hampshire and wondered it any other craftsman might like to have a piece of it befor I take it back for refund. I still have enough for a couple of nice anvil's if someone wants to contact me. $40 get's you a nice section? This is probably D2 heat treatable carbon steel - good stuff.