View Full Version : So I thought we'd have a fire outside

Gary Herrmann
10-07-2006, 9:15 PM
I'm getting firewood from the stack and all of a sudden I start getting stung. One of the pieces of firewood had a yellow jacket nest under it. I think I got stung 8 or 9 times. All on my left arm. SWMBO is on her way to the store to get some meat tenderizer since that worked so well last time something like this happened.

I hope I get to burn one of those little buggers in the fire later.

Andy Hoyt
10-07-2006, 9:48 PM

I'm looking forward to the video depicting your next trip to the pile.

All camo'd up tip toeing Belushi style, with a scatter gun and new jar of Adolph's at the ready

John Shuk
10-07-2006, 9:58 PM
Bee stings me... I go after his whole family. I get'em too.

Jim Becker
10-07-2006, 10:15 PM

Steve Clardy
10-07-2006, 10:26 PM
Ummm. I declare war on them buggers.
Out comes the 3 pound coffee can half full of gas. [Be careful]

About 20 seconds and them buggers are grave yard dead.:eek: :)

Tim Morton
10-07-2006, 10:52 PM
happened to me recently too...picked up an adirondack chair and there was a nest under the seat...mine were around my ear and lip....later that night i took revenge....sweet sweet revenge:cool: :cool:

i hate bees!!!!

John Shuk
10-08-2006, 10:48 AM
It's really fun being 25 feet up a ladder on a telephone pole, belted in when the little so and so's get up and buzz. Usually not too sure whats going on at first. Good thing the phone company buys good bee spray.

skip coyne
10-08-2006, 2:21 PM
I was trimming a palm tree about a month or so ago at dusk (when its cool ) suddnley I see soemthing flying at me

wasp gets me right in the lip before I knew what happned . :eek:

Gary Herrmann
10-08-2006, 2:47 PM
I wound up finding 3 nests in the wood pile. Nasty little buggers. Well, ex nasty little buggers.

Matt Meiser
10-08-2006, 3:22 PM
From my personal experience, the Raid in the black can is the most satisfying. Its clear, leaves no mess, is nearly instant.

Nothing more satisfying than a big pile of dead buggers on the ground under the nest.